miércoles, septiembre 29, 2010

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Estimados, necesitamos 100 votos para que nuestra iniciativa "Ayuda a Ayudar" en pro de los damnificados del terremoto, pueda comenzar a recibir donaciones del extranjero a través de este sitio web. Particularmente, estamos postulando a fondos para mejorar las mediaguas existentes, mediante la compra de aislapol, paneles de OSB, clavos y pintura.

Desde ya, gracias por su apoyo y, agradeceremos si pueden reenviarlo a sus contactos para sumar más votos e, incluso quizás alguien se motive a donar algo.


Gonzalo Vásquez Sáez


I have a great idea to raise money for a charitable goal and I need your vote now so I can start fundraising at www.GiveMeaning.com.

Both GiveMeaning and I want to be sure the Project is viable, so I'm asking you to "vote" on whether you feel my proposal is worthwhile. When you vote, you're NOT making a financial commitment of any kind; you're simply indicating that you think it's a good idea and should go ahead.

Voting takes less than a minute, and it's easy - so please VOTE NOW, by clicking here http://www.givemeaning.com/proposal/help2help to review the project profile (and then just click on the Vote icon to cast your vote).

Thank you for showing your support in this way - with enough votes, I'll be able to work towards making my idea a reality.

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Excelente iniciativa..